Our reputation speaks for itself. We deliver one of the best painting values in Miami-Dade County area while delivering excellence in customer service. Tony Mix is a locally owned Company, with local responsibility with the backing and support of been a fully insured and fully licensed by the Construction Trades Qualifying Board of Dade-County, with a Business Certificate of Competency #15BS00462.

We provide you with the highest quality work at competitive prices with all the project details spelled out in a professional proposal. We Guaranteed you a 100% total satisfaction when the job is done.      

We, at Tony Mix only use professional painters, not temp workers and there is always a foreman on site supervising every aspect of your advance project. We specialize only in painting and the services directly related painting, like drywall repairs, wallpaper removal and installation, pressure cleaning, venetian plaster, faux finishing and carpentry related.

Our staff of painters paint. A foreman is always on site on every job. Our customer service and production management team is readily available to respond to your call, answer your questions and service needs. Call us or contact us on-line and we will answer the phone, e-mail or call you right back.

We stand behind our work period. A contractor can promise you the moon, but will they call you back after they've been paid? Probably NO. Our business is oriented to establish a long term business relations.

We all know how fun it is to pick out paint colors for your home, but what about deciding which paint finishes to go with? Many people can get overwhelmed when selecting the correct paint finishes for their project, but Tony Mix wants to help keep your project stress-free!

Before we get started, here is a little sheen poem to help you remember how it all works,

“The higher the sheen, the higher the shine will be, and the higher the shine, the easier it is to clean.”


Flat finishes are the easiest to touch up and are excellent with hiding imperfections but they are hardest to clean. These finishes are great for adult bedrooms or other low traffic areas in your home.


True to its name, this finish will look just like the shell of an egg. Eggshell has better durability and cleans better than a flat finish. This finish is a great choice for living and dining rooms.


This pearly finish is easy to clean and works great for high traffic areas which are prone to getting scuffed and scratched such as hallways. We also recommend using satin for children and family rooms. Even though this finish is easy to clean, it is hard to touch up since any imperfection is easily noticed.


The best sheen to use for your kitchen or bathroom walls is the long lasting and stain resistant. This finish is resistant to humidity and can withstand bumps and scuffs as well. Semi-gloss is also a great finish to use for doors, windows, baseboards and crown moldings because of its high durability.


High gloss is the easiest to clean and also the most durable of all the finishes. Sound too good to be true? Yes, because this sheen has too much shine for interior walls and should only be used for wood trim where you want a brilliant sheen with a lot of reflectivity such as cabinets. It is rarely used for walls because of its ultra-shiny appearance. This finish is the hardest to touch up since it highlights any imperfection. Like Tony Mix, high gloss sheen will really make your next painting project shine!






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